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We focus on all aspects of your climb on a micro and macro perspective from your initial interest, through your expedition and safely back home.  Whether you have questions for what to bring, how to prepare, vaccinations you might need, we have you covered for your Kili Ascents Tours.

Me and my fiancé have recently had the incredible opportunity to climb Kilimanjaro with KiliAscents on the 8 days Lemosho route, and I cannot speak highly enough of their services. From start to finish, they proved to be a fantastic tour operator who helped us fulfill our dream of conquering Africa’s highest peak.

The professionalism and thoughtfulness of our guide, Fredy, were truly outstanding! His expertise and experience were evident every step of the way, ensuring our safety and well-being throughout the entire climb. His knowledge of the mountain, its routes, nature and the challenges we would face was invaluable, and we always felt confident in his guidance.

Communication with KiliAscents was excellent from the moment we first reached out to them. They promptly responded to our inquiries, addressing our concerns and providing detailed information about the climb. Their responsiveness and willingness to answer all of our questions made us feel well-prepared and reassured before embarking on the journey.

Overall, our experience with KiliAscents was nothing short of exceptional. Fredy’s professionalism, thoughtfulness, and great communication made our Kilimanjaro adventure a truly unforgettable one. I wholeheartedly recommend KiliAscent to anyone seeking a reliable and supportive tour operator for their Kilimanjaro expedition.


Aleks & Alex

Fred was the lead guide on our 8 day Lemosho route trek to the summit of Kilimanjaro in June 2018. Fred’s first priority is the safety of the group and this was very evident during the climb up the Barranco wall and again during the decent from Uhuru Peak. Fred gave us a detailed briefing the night before taking on the Barranco wall section (the trail narrows and is more technical as it involves an element of climbing) to ensure the group was aware of the risks and the protocol to minimise these. During our trek Uhuru Peak was under deep snow and this caused the decent to be treacherous under foot, using his experience in these conditions Fred sought the safest path and constantly highlighted zones to be avoided on the way down. Chatting with Fred during the trek was always a pleasure, whether catching up on the latest from the World Cup or learning more about the rich history and culture of Tanzania. He is a great communicator and is full of facts, figures and dates that provides context and adds insight into the topic of conversation. Fred goes out of his way to answer any question truthfully, whether it’s the name of a porter, the latest football scores or the recommended use of a particular medicine (one of the group had tablets without packaging). On top of this he enjoys a joke and has an infectious laugh that helps to keep spirits high. I can unreservedly recommend Fred as your lead guide on a Kilimanjaro trek, he is very professional and takes great care to ensure that everyone on the trek (not only the paying tourists) is in good health and not suffering altitude sickness. He sets an example of behaviour that balances your safety with having a memorable enjoyable trek to the summit.

Neil Massey

It’s hard to really explain how great our Kilimanjaro Climb and crew were!! We were made to feel welcome and cared for as soon as we arrived and it kept getting better. Fredy and his crew cared for our every need. Fredy was a great leader (experienced, responsible, very knowledgeable, caring, and was really funny!!) and you could tell he had the best interest of everyone involved in our trip to Summit. This included all of us as climbers and all of his assistants and chefs/porters. Can’t say enough kind words for all of their efforts in making sure all 9 of our group made it to the Summit. From the daily health checks and food that was amazing, the dusting of boots entering camp, filtered and filled water bottles, always asking if we needed anything, food which amazed us all, we couldn’t have wanted for anything more. We truly bonded into one big family unit that helped and cared for each other in the group. The fun that we had messing with the guides and porters will be remembered and talked about for the rest of my lifetime I’m sure. Fredy and his assistants were always there to carry a pack for someone or encourage when someone was feeling a little discouraged or down. He even let my brother and I do American Pole Pole on several occasions!! Fast Fast! Thanks Fredy!! I couldn’t recommend more highly Fredy Mushi and any crew that he puts together to lead you on your journey to the top of Kilimanjaro. I will count him and his crew as friends and keep in touch as often as possible. I truly hope to see them in the States to climb with us soon.. Thank you Fredy!!

Kyle Kauffman

Winona Lake, IN