Tour Safety

Safety is our main objective, everything else is secondary. We focus on all aspects of your climb on a micro and macro perspective from your initial interest, through your expedition and safely back home.

Safety Measures

We have you covered on our Kili Ascents tours

From the time you inquire about Kili Ascents Tanzania adventures with a representative until your return home; we are focused on your safety. Learn about our extra steps that other companies tend not to to provide.

Upon Arrival & Departure

We provide reliable transportation to and from Kilimanjaro International Airport when you arrive in country and for departure. ($25 each way). Our drivers are personable and quite knowledgeable about the company and anything you may what to know or learn about Tanzania and Kilimanjaro.

Daily Check Up - On The Mountain

Kili Ascents provides individual check up’s twice daily in order to make sure that all of your physical and mental facilities are in rhythm or in need of assistance. We do this in a private tent, away from all other climbing clients in order to ensure complete privacy and personal consultation. We monitor your oxygen via a pulse OXYMETER to ensure that your levels are in a safe range with relation to altitude. We also discuss your appetite, physical ailments (i.e headaches, nausea and stomach) along with your focus and concentration. It is not uncomfortable at all and takes only a few minutes twice a day.

Portable Stretcher

We always carry durable, portable stretchers throughout the climb. There are wheeled stretchers at various areas in the park but they are too infrequent and hard to find. Kili Ascents makes sure that we are able to provide immediate transportation for climbers that experience fatigue or nausea due to AMS or who may have injuries that have impair their mobility.

Hotels and accommodations

Our designated hotels within Moshi (Mt. Kilimanjaro) and throughout Tanzania (Safari) and Zanzibar (Tropical Destinations) are rigorously vetted to ensure that they are SAFE and comfortable.

Bottled Oxygen

Oxygen is an essential resource when climbing at high altitudes and with the continual reduction in oxygen levels as you climb higher; having supplemental oxygen at the ready is imperative. 90% of companies on Kilimanjaro do not offer supplemental oxygen which can be a life saving resource for climbers with Sever Altitude Sickness and a symptom’s deterrent for those experiencing the onset of sickness.

Gamow Bag

This particular safety apparatus is used in severe cases of AMS and can significantly reduce the onset of physical side effects accompanied by AMS. The Gamow bag is a portable and lightweight at on 12 lbs. and when inflated it reaches just over 7 ft. The way the safety bag works is by pumping air into the chamber, which ultimately increases the volume of oxygen and allowing for an easier breathing cycle. While at an elevation of 9k ft – 10k ft. the Gamow bag simulates an altitude of around 1500 Meters or 3000 ft in descent. This particular safety equipment is not commonly carried by guides on Kilimanjaro and is yet another reason why Kili Ascents safety focus far exceeds those of other companies.

Emergency Evacuation

While many companies skimp on price in order to short cut safety procedures, Kili Ascent’s number one objective is Safety over Compensation. We have partnered with SAR Rescue for all major evacuations and serious medical imperatives. Most companies rely on other emergency services that only allow for a 13K ft extraction from the mountain, where SAR’s emergency response helicopters have the ability to reach altitudes of 17k ft (Where real danger is often unaided.) This is not a fee based option. SAR is covered by all clients with Travel Insurance Protection.

SAR also offers a Luxury Descent option for those who decide that they would prefer not to climb all the way back down Kilimanjaro and would prefer for SAR to transport them to the bottom of the mountain. (Please feel free to inquire as to the cost associated with this option.)